F1H2O Grand Prix of Portugal – Algarve, Portimao 18th – 20th May 2018 – Qualifications awards

So begins the season 2018 and as usual we start from the beautiful Portiamo, now one of the historical capitals of F1H2O.

Race where Alex has always done a lot of effort and where he has never won podium only 2 times in 7 years.

This year will be even harder given the new Team, the new boats and therefore an even bigger challenge in front of him.

The first 2 hours of free practice played on Friday, make you feel that the few tests done in the previous months and the lack of confidence with the hull will give a hard time to Alex, but after 2 hours of great work for the trim of the boat, Alex the last one comes out with a great first half in the final that leaves everyone well hope for the weekend that will be addressed.

It starts on Saturday with the first free practice, the weather conditions change and even the pace of the fastest riders and with difficulty if it comes out with time we say good, that leaves hope and no to place in the first 6 fastest for the Top Qualify in the afternoon.

Long day, very long given the qualifying tests will be at 18, since here you have to adapt to the tide to have the right water level to have security.

And it starts, a good fourth time in Q1 for Alex and a tough battle to win a fifth time in Q2 which is fine because the goal was to make the Q3 for this first stage.

In the 2 laps of the Q3, for the first time with this boat, the excitement and a bit of fear pull out a good time, winning the third time on the grid behind the two Abu Dhabi team drivers, and only 0.34 from the pole position of the American Torrent.

Qualifications Portimao GP 2018:

Al Qamzi

Also at 6 pm on Sunday, after an endless day of waiting, the first Grand Prix of 2018 starts, Alex starts off badly and on the first lap he is in sixth position, but everything is still and the yellow flag after an accident between Andersonn and Stromoy.

All in the queue in yellow flag, and Alex can resume the third position he had on the starting grid.

It starts again, hard, indeed hard to hold the third position, but you can remain attached to the leading team of Abu Dhabi, with a maximum margin of 5 seconds from the leader Torrente but with a quarter Chiappe that continues to push Alex, but the struggling, c and ‘pride leaves no truce to give up those two and stay with them until the 50th lap.

The misfortune wants that around the 35th lap, Alex has a problem with the trim that blocks everything, and must give way to Chiappe.

From seeing the technical problems, no attack is’ possible and it goes so until the end of the race.

A fourth place with a bitter taste, because we say a third at the first exit would have been almost a victory.

But the medium is, the race pace also, the spirit of the team also and the desire to win over everything.

Next race in London on 16-17 June.

Grand Prix of Portugal:

Al Qamzi
Al Halameli